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Our Story

Jeon's Distillery

Maintaining traditional values while adding a modern sensibility

 Our casting method is based on traditional methods handed down over time. Each alcohol goes through a natural fermentation process and has its own unique taste and aroma. This uniqueness is combined with modern manufacturing techniques to create even more unique and attractive tastes.


Capturing the taste of the region

 Pocheon, the region where we are located, produces high-quality ingredients thanks to its unique climate and soil. These ingredients add depth and richness to Jeongane’s liquor. Each drink contains the stories and traditions of this land, providing a unique experience to the drinker.


A transmitter of taste across generations

 From young to old, we offer a variety of flavors and styles so that everyone can enjoy our drinks. We aim to convey the charm of traditional liquor to a wider public by developing new styles of alcohol that not only have traditional tastes but also a modern sensibility.


Towards a sustainable future

 Jeongane, a liquor brewer, is also taking the lead in protecting the environment by introducing sustainable production methods. Through a production process that is in harmony with nature, we seek to fulfill our responsibility to the Earth and future generations.

 Jeongane continues to innovate and evolve while maintaining the taste and spirit of traditionalism. Our alcohol is not just a beverage, but a work of art filled with Korean culture, history, and family love. We invite you to the journey of Jeongane, the liquor brewer. We hope that you will have an amazing experience combining tradition and modernity through a journey of taste.


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“Alcohol is food, and because it is food, it must be delicious.”

I spent my childhood at Sanjeong Lake, walking more than 10 miles every day to elementary and middle school.

After graduating from college in Seoul and serving in the military as an officer, I worked at Kyobo Life Insurance for 24 years.

He created the Happy Retirement Research Institute, wore red shoes, did broadcasting and lectures, and wrote several books.

He received a doctorate in business administration and worked as a professor at a university.

Photography activities include Tibet, Bhutan, remote areas of China, North and South America, and Europe. This is a work prepared while traveling to Africa.

We held more than a dozen exhibitions.

​We decided to make our own alcohol that would last a long time after returning to our hometown in the latter half of our lives.

My journey was a passionate one that led me into the world of traditionalism.

My true passion was brewing. This passion led me to my own brewery called Jeongane, a liquor brewer.

At my brewery, we make a variety of traditional liquors, and ‘Sanjeong Lake Dongjeongchun Makgeolli’ is especially popular. This makgeolli is made in a traditional way, bringing out the deep taste and aroma of traditional liquor. I view alcohol as food, not just a drink, and I believe it should be delicious.

My life philosophy is to have a new beginning after retirement. I believe it is important to challenge yourself in various fields and seek new experiences. I share this philosophy through various broadcasts and lectures.

'Sul Brewing Jeongane' was established in 2014, and since then, it has contributed to promoting traditional liquor culture by releasing a variety of traditional liquors and participating in various exhibitions and broadcasts. More information about my life story and my brewery can be found through various media outlets.



Acquired licenses for Takju, Yakju, and Distilled Liquor in September
October Launch of 3 types of Takju, 2 types of Yakju, and 3 types of distilled liquor
Appeared on SBS TV “Good Morning” in November
Participated in KINTEX Food Fair in November
Appeared on Ulsan Broadcasting System in December
       At Center Gyeonggi-do Liquor Story Exhibition

January  Appeared in YTN’s “Lee Hong-ryeol’s Showers”
March  Appeared on SBS TV “Issue Inside”
Participated in COEX World Liquor Expo in April
Launch of Sanjeong Lake Dongjeongchun Makgeolli in May
August KBS TV “Live Information” announcer Do Gyeong-wan introduces liquor brewer Jeongane
Appeared on KBS TV “Morning Yard” in September
Appeared on TV Chosun’s “Morning of Gwanghwamun” in December
In December, the Rural Development Administration and Makgeolli School jointly hosted the 4th Woori Sul Contest Premium Makgeolli.
        Kite with pear blossoms selected as one of the best 10

March Brewery introduction in the March issue of Traveler magazine
Participated in KINTEX Korea Luxury Festival in June
The brewery was introduced in the August issue of HEADAY, the July monthly magazine.
In August, Sanjeong Lake Dongjeongchun Makgeolli was selected by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs for the 2016 Chuseok Korean Agricultural Product Gift Collection.
     Introducing the brewery on KTV’s “God’s Act” program
Introducing the brewery in the September issue of Today’s Korean Magazine
     Appeared on MBC Radio “Yang Hee-eun’s Women’s Generation”
November JTBC “Today’s Good Day” Jinho Lee and Sangjun Lee brewery introduction broadcast
Participating in COEX Christmas Gift Competition in December

Received the Gyeonggi Province Governor Award in February
Published by Gyeonggi-do Cyber Library in April Introducing the brewery to the stories of Gyeonggi-do residents who shape their lives with alcohol
      COEX Seoul International Wine & Participation in liquor fair 
June MBC Radio “Yang Hee-eun Women’s Generation” broadcast appearance
Appeared on KBSTV’s “Just Leisure” in July
August Arirang TV Brewery Introduction
Appeared on Busan KBS TV “Morning Yard” in November
Participated in the AT Center Korean Liquor Fair in November.
Appeared on TV Chosun’s “Shingijeon” in December
December Premium Handmade Makgeolli Contest hosted by MBC and Makgeolli School Sanjeong Lake Dongjeongchun Makgeolli 
           Silver Award

Appeared on KBS TV’s “Just Leisure” on January 2nd
Launched Coupang store in January
Participated in COEX Handmade Fair in March
Selected as an export sprout company in May and exported distilled liquor to Bulgaria
      Brewery introduction broadcast on MBN TV’s “Live Information Center”
The brewery was introduced in the June issue of the monthly magazine Life and Alcohol.
Participated in World Okta export consultation meeting in Budapest, Hungary in July
September ISO 22000 certification
Sanjeong Lake Pine Needle Liquor launched in September
October “Sanjeong Lake Dongjeongchun Makgeolli” won the grand prize in the takju category at the 2018 Korea Korean Liquor Competition
          “Kite with Pear Blossoms” won the Excellence Award in the Takju category at the 2018 Korea Korean Liquor Competition.

December Participated in Banyan Tree Hotel 2018 K-SOOL Premium Tasting Consultation
         Sanjeong Lake Dongjeongchun Makgeolli selected as the toast drink at the closing ceremony of Pocheon City Hall

January Introducing the brewery in the January issue of SRT Magazine
The brewery was featured on The Economist’s “Bravo Second Life” in March.
April Brewery facility improvement work
June homepage reorganization
      Participated in COEX Seoul International Liquor Expo
September: Participated in Tokyo K-food 2019 Tokyo Conference
      Sanjeong Lake Dongjeongchun Makgeolli selected as the tasting drink for September by Traditional Liquor Gallery
In November, Sanjeong Lake Dongjeongchun Makgeolli was selected as the toast drink for “Farmers’ Day” hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.
In December, Sanjeong Lake Dongjeongchun Makgeolli was selected as the toast drink at the closing ceremony of Pocheon City Hall.

2020 years 
Started broadcasting as main MC of YTN Life’s “J’s Life” in April and continued for 8 months
Participated in COEX International Liquor Expo in June
August Rural convergence industry business certification

      Sanjeong Lake Dongjeongchun Makgeolli, Pear Flower Stuffed Yeon, Acquired ‘Type I’ Quality Certification for Our Liquor
September 4th Traditional Liquor Best Trophy Sanjeong Lake Dongjeongchun Makgeolli Grand Gold Award
The brewery is featured in the fall issue of PEOPLE 365 STORY magazine in November.

The brewery was introduced in Chosun Biz’s “Park Soon-wook’s Korean Sul Journey” in December.

Released Joo Hongchun in January  Wadiz funding achieved 1655%
The brewery was introduced on KBS TV’s “Good Morning Korea Live” in March.
      Lotte Chilseong Mall Traditional Liquor Store opened
April: Liquor Jeongane Makgeolli Soap launches
The brewery was introduced on OBS Gyeongin Broadcasting’s “Today’s Gyeongin Broadcasting” in May.

Hometown spring release in November

January brewery relocation

Received the grand prize at the Hometown Chun Cham Fermentation Awards in February

June Housewife Life July Issue Brewery Introduction
December ENA Gyeonggi Dulle-gil Where have you been? Introduction to the brewery



January Gungye’s Tears Traditional Week Best Trophy Grand Gold Award
Selected as a brewery to visit in April
Selected as a rural convergence business in July
      Sanjeonghosu-dong Jeongchun Makgeolli   Acquired liquor quality certification
“Gohyangchun” won the grand prize in the table liquor category at the 2023 Korea Korean Liquor Competition in November.

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